CardioComplete allows you to pick software applications and Network services to manage the major task in your clinical department no matter where your International Hospital is located. As an integrated suite CardioComplete delivers continuous and comprehensive intelligence across the clinical and hospital spectrum cardiovascular service line.

CardioComplete for Cardiology is an in-the-cloud solution that facilitates a more efficient, more comprehensive workflow for you and your practice. Access your CardioComplete images and measurement from anywhere with internet access, even on an iPad.

CardioComplete for vascular facilities is a comprehensive and accessible interface that will bring a new level of efficiency to your practice. Information distribution that once took days takes only a few minutes with CardioComplete.

A summary of all the previous day’s events would be a great thing for an administrator, especially if it all came in a single email each morning. That little dream becomes a reality with CardioComplete.

ICR-Portal is now formatted for Laptops, iPads and iPhones!

CardioComplete software is crafted for those United States and International Hospitals environments that are unable to afford expensive clinical applications in the United States.

Yet these components have been designed in CardioComplete Cardiovascular workplace, based on the real-life experiences of clinicians and administrators in United States.

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